Domo Kun Sushi Art Roll どーもくんの飾り巻き寿司

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Domo Kun Sushi Art Roll

Today’s sushi art roll took longer than I expected :P So was I ended up rushing to work, haha. Pardon for the less than ideal photo-taking. :P 

I made my own original sushi art roll again today – this time, it is Domo-kun!!

And I made a pair of them! The brown Domo-kun and the pink Domo-kun. Kind of looks like a couple right? So I added some hearts too~~ 

Do you know Domo kun? He is the official mascot of NHK broadcasting network in Japan. I love the large mouth of Domo-kun! 

I arranged the sushi rice to form the different parts to complete the white teeth and the red part of the mouth. I also created the eyes from kanpyo and shaped the sushi to form Domo kun’s shape. I also divided the rice into 2 parts, the pink and brown so that I can get 2 pink domo kun and 2 brown domo kun from the same sushi art roll. 

Brown Domo kun (rice, tuna flakes, teriyaki sauce, red deco furikake, kanpyo)
Pink Domo kun (rice, pink sushi seasoning, red deco furikake, kanpyo)
*furikake is a type of Japanese rice topping
*kanpyo is seasoned gourd strips

The side dishes for today’s bento were grilled salmon fillet, dashimaki tamago, lettuce, cherry tomatoes and cucumber. 

Domo Kun Sushi Art Roll Bento



ブラウンどーもくん (飯、照り焼きソース、赤デコふりかけ、かんぴょう、マグロフレーク
ピンクどーもくん (飯、ピンクのお寿司調味料、赤デコふりかけ、かんぴょう)

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  • Ellena Guan
    November 12, 2013

    Omg! This is soooo kawaii loh… can’t wait for our turn :)

  • bentodays
    November 11, 2013

    This is beautiful! Love your sushi art rolls!

  • Wan Wan Kan
    November 11, 2013


  • kw bentodiary
    November 11, 2013

    Aww…love Domokun!!! You’re amazing ^_^ Love all the details!

    • Shirley Wong
      November 11, 2013

      Thank you! I had fun making this sushi art roll~!