Eye Studio Tokyo for Japanese Eyelash Extension in Singapore (updated 20 Jan 2014)

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Getting authentic Japanese eyelash extensions done in Singapore is now possible! And I stress, authentic!
Discovering eyelash extension has been really liberating, especially for someone like me who frankly needs to spend more time at dolling up before leaving the house. The good thing about eyelash extension, is that you do not need to do much, since its already there! Semi-permanent. 
So now all I need to do is to dust some foundation, blusher and off I go. (hahah as you can see, I spend more time cooking in the morning than dolling up myself)
I am also particular about the quality of eyelash extension, I wanted the Japanese standard where it is really pretty but looks so natural. 
When I was in Tokyo (October 2013), I found a really great place at Harajuku that did eyelash extensions, and it was also very affordable. 
After I return to SG, I have had at least 4~5 people whispering to me… erm… your eyelashes look really pretty.. is it extension or real? See! that last part is very important, you want people to actually feel like it could really be your own eyelashes but still obvious enough for them to notice. 
Now that weeks has passed since I returned, I was getting a little worried on how I am going to maintain my eyelash extension
My prayers were answered, Eye Studio Tokyo opened in Liang Court mall. Eye Studio Tokyo is a eyelash extension salon run by a Japanese lady owner, Tomomi Nakamura san. She uses lashes made in Japan, so you can be assured of the quality. 
Now that I had already experienced the service, I highly recommend the store for Japanese eyelash extensions in Singapore!

Store Interior
Eye Studio Tokyo’s salon interior is nicely decorated, with mainly pink and white color theme; comfortable chairs for resting while you wait for your appointment. There are also magazines for you to browse while waiting. This Eye Studio Tokyo salon has already been featured in several Japanese magazines!

I would recommend that you plan early when trying to get an appointment! The place is popular. Many Japanese customers visit the store, judging by whom I met on my way in and out on my appointment day.

Services offered
Now back to the question, what type/style of eyelash extensions should I do? I was very happy to note that the type of lashes and styles offered was the same as what I saw in Japan. 

Basically you make your selection of Curl, Thickness and Design: (the info below is taken from their brochure)

Prices (updated 20 Jan 2014)
No of lashes (for both eyes combined) — Prices
60 lashes — $60
80 lashes — $70
100 lashes — $80
120 lashes — $90
140 lashes — $100
lower lashes — between $20 to $40
Type 1 (2 sessions) – $150 total (translate to $75 per session)
Type 2 (5 sessions) – $350 total (translate to $70 per session)

What I did
I decided on D-curl (the most curvy), 0.15mm (medium thickness), Natural design, and I had 100 nos (50 for each eye) on my first visit and 120 nos for my second visit :D

If you prefer to go out with a bang, then you can try the Glamorous design which gives you maximum volume. 

I took photographs of the process, click on the pictures below for a larger view.

Store Staff
I was very lucky that I got my service from the salon’s director, Nakamura san. But don’t worry, they promise that their staff are all well trained and experience Japanese that will give you the Japanese type of eyelash extensions!

I was however a little worried about how she is going to manage my ‘leftover’ lashes. But Nakamura san fixed it perfectly, she managed to remove some of the lashes and there was no traces of them. 

Update* I was served by another staff the second visit and the experience was still wonderful!

There is now a promotion where you can purchase 2 visits coupon for $150 (1 time is $75) for any amount of lashes. This is what I bought!

If you are choosing 120 numbers of lashes (60 per eye), that translates to $30 savings in total!

Info above is updated as of 20 Nov 2013, please check with store on their up-to-date promotional offers

UPDATE (20 Jan 2014)
I visited their store for my second appointment this month (just in time for CNY). This time I did 120pcs (60 per eye) and the effect was great! Haha getting greedier. Maybe I will try the lower lashes too the next round. :P

Service quality is still thumbs up as before!

Recommendation is once again to book in advance as their appointment is pretty packed. 

177 River Valley Road
#03-01 Liang Court
Singapore 179030
Tel: 68831077 / 92986774
Website (Japanese language) – http://eyestudio-tokyo.com/menu.html
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/EyeStudioTokyo
Opening Hours: 
10:30am~ last appointment is 4:30pm (weekdays)
10:30am ~ last appointment is 4pm (weekends)




*Blog post disclosure: This is not a sponsored post and no monetary compensation was received. I paid for my own eyelash extension services and all views expressed are my own.

  • Shiasan
    October 27, 2014

    Hi Shirley,

    I am wondering whether you know what material the eyelash extensions are made out of – synthetic, mink, silk? Or do you know whether they let you choose (I don’t think so though, because if there was a choice they would have put it up on their menu and website)?

    I’ve recently gotten mine done but I’m not particularly impressed because the synthetic lashes actually feel like those little stringy plastic bits that attach price tags to clothes (if you know what I mean). That’s why I’d like to know whether you know the material the lashes are made out of. And I had mine done at quite a reputable place down in Marina Square, so it isn’t because I went to some chapalan street-store!

    As to the 5 x package, do you know whether they have a time limit as to when you’re supposed to come back for your next round, or can you just swing by anytime you’d like to since the package has unlimited lashes? It is to my understanding that some boutiques actually require you to go back within a maybe 2 or 4 weeks (depending on how many lashes you initially got) to be ‘re-lashed’, if not they will charge you extra.

    Also, just wondering if you would be updating with another post with pictures, provided you are still visiting the place? Would be nice to see you share what you look like with the new 120 lashes on instead of the 100 lashes, and if you did the lower lashes too.

    Thanks so much for sharing anyway, I’m seriously considering Eye Studio Tokyo, and sorry for this long comment with lots of questions.

    • Little Miss Bento, Shirley Wong
      October 27, 2014

      Hi Shiasan :) No worries for the long comment.

      I will try to find out for you about the materials. I am not sure. It feels alright to me without discomfort.

      As for the package, they are not so strict. I have stretched over 6 weeks. But usually I visit them every 4 weeks or so :) So far, I have not been told by them of any extra charges applicable.

      Sure! I will post up updated photo soon. My face is now swollen (thanks for wisdom tooth surgery). haha. But I just did 160 (2 eyes) yesterday! now im greedy la. haha. I have in fact increased to 80 per eye. haha. In the end, I didnt do lower eyelashes. Just in case I need to rub my eyes, as least I am able to :P

      Give me about a week’s time, I will post up soon after my face looks more normal.

      No worries. I really enjoy the service at Eye Studio Tokyo. In fact, I just paid up for my second set of 5X package. :D

      • Shiasan
        October 27, 2014

        Hey Shirley,

        Thanks so much for the prompt reply! I hope you’ll be able to find out the material for me eventually. I’m half tempted to go down to actually ask them to let me have a feel, but I’ve got a feeling they won’t allow it!

        I am looking forward to an updated post then, 80 per eye must really look super lush now. Yeah, I can imagine the difficulty of not being able to rub your eyes if you had your bottom lashes done too. It is actually already pretty bad with having mine done on top, much less to say having the bottom ones done too. The package is pretty worth it IMO, since it’s unlimited lashes for each session you attend. Have they ever told you how many lashes they have put on your eyes when you ‘top up’? I mean, it’s hard for them to determine exactly how many have dropped, so I’m guessing they sort of ‘eyeball’ the number of extensions you’ve got left then just refill accordingly? And my guess is if you’re on the package, if you initially opted for maybe a more natural look with 40 lashes per eye but in subsequent sessions wanted to ‘up’ the game to a glamorous/sexy look with more volume like 80 lashes per eye, they would do it without charging extra? Just slightly confused, because if you fill in the form at the very first session, do they stick strictly to it or change it according to your wants/needs at each individual session?

        Oh, it’s okay if you actually don’t know the answers for all this, I suppose I actually could ask them myself, it’s just that as I am not (yet) a customer of theirs, I feel a little apprehensive asking them so many questions only to back out of using their services! Hope you don’t mind helping me out where you can. Really appreciate your time and input.

        Most importantly, recover well from your wisdom tooth operation (:

        • Little Miss Bento, Shirley Wong
          October 27, 2014

          Hmmm I doubt they would allow you to touch, see maybe la. haha.

          With regard to the package, no fixed rule. When I first used, I went with 50, then when I go the next round, they ask if same. So I said wanted more. Then it went up to 60 then 80 per eye. haha. no extra charges. Usually they will trim and clean your lashes at the start of the session. if you really have a lot left, they might tell you that they can only top up est XX per eye. Most of the time they will try to squeeze in. E.g. if you have 10 left, they might still add the 80 on.

          Hehhe yes, it does feel more lush and sexier. It is also good since I dont wear much make up so this makes me feel more ‘made up’ and dressed up. But I still receive many compliments from people as they find it nice and yet natural. :) even business associates. haha :D

  • Lydia
    September 26, 2014

    Can the therapists speak english? I want to make sure I can communicate what i want clearly to them :) And i can’t understand their website at all since it’s all in Japanese.

    Also, how long did your extensions with them last? Can you go swimming with them?

    Are there any pictures of how the sexy or glamorous styles would look? Sorry for all the questions! Thanks.

    • Little Miss Bento, Shirley Wong
      September 26, 2014

      Hi Lydia

      They can understand English, just not as good as speaking the language. But they should be able to know the style, number of lashes, etc that you need.

      They have a brochure in the store, some screen shoots are here. Easy to understand the styles offered.

      I dont really swim, so I cant say for sure. But no issues exercises and showering.I try my best to take care of my lashes, so they last a good 5 weeks or so :) Sorry, I dont have the sexy glamorous styles, but you can ask the store… maybe they will have.

      I really do like the lash extension, even up till today, I am still visiting them for their services and am still receiving compliments from friends and even strangers.

  • Anonymous
    June 7, 2014

    Hi Shirley, I wanted to go there and the earliest slot isJuly! (T_T)

    Can you share with me the lash extension shop you went to in harajuku? I am heading there early July. (^^)

    • Shirley Wong
      June 7, 2014

      I know right?! they are so popular! It is quite hard to get a slot, so must always book much in advance. The store I went to in Japan was Tearslash Salon (they have a few outlets) The one I went was at Harajuku, I believe they have one at Shibuya too. But I would recommend you to head there early in your trip to book appt, or best still, call beforehand if you can (but they might not be able to speak much English). Their main site is http://tearslash.info/shop.html. The Harajuku outlet site is http://ameblo.jp/tearslash02/

    • Anonymous
      June 24, 2014

      You are the best! ( ^ω^ )

    • Shirley Wong
      June 24, 2014

      :D Aww no mention. I hope you will like it! :) Have fun!

  • Anonymous
    May 28, 2014

    Hi babe, just to check whether the removal of eyelash after lasting for 6 weeks will spoil your original eyelash, (such as breakage or original eyelash were dropped off ?

    • Shirley Wong
      May 29, 2014

      So far, I have not feel a significant damage to my lashes. However, I do take care of the way I wash my face… I use a facial sponge now. Just about $5 for 2 pcs both at Watsons. :) This prevents me from rubbing my face while the lashes are still on.

      I do sometimes see lashes droping with the faux one, but not freq that it causes me much concern :)

      One thing to note is that I seldom wear heavy make up. If you do, then you might find that removal of thick eye makeup could be slightly more tedious than before.

  • OY HZ
    May 27, 2014

    nice lashes! will they recommend the no. of lashes for first-time customers? also, when u decide to take up the package subsequently, do u need to pay the full package price or can the first session be counted as part of the package n u just need to top-up the balance? :)

    • Shirley Wong
      May 29, 2014

      Hello dear, I would recommend not anything less than 100. In fact now I am at 160 (80 per eye). :) If you prefer a lush look, you can go for 160 too.

      You can tell them that you want to decide whether to go once off or package after you finish the session. They are pretty sweet about it. After the session, you can see if you are happy with the service and results and perhaps decide then?

  • mel
    February 20, 2014

    very nice and natural !!! i would like to find out usually how long does it take for them to do the eyelash extension? thanks!

    • Shirley Wong
      February 20, 2014

      Hi Mel,

      Thanks so much for the sweet compliment. Happy cos many friends and colleagues gave compliments after see the lashes.

      The salon therapists are very experience, so far it has been about 1 hour. But in my last trip I did 160 (80 per eye) HAHAH getting greedy, that session took 1.5hours. :D heh.

    • Shirley Wong
      February 20, 2014


  • Sandy Toh
    February 19, 2014

    I am one of the regular customer of Eye Studio Tokyo. Honestly, I have tried various salons on eyelash extension, the lashes those salons used made my eyes felt really uncomfortable and poky. But Eye Studio is totally difference! Their staff are very experience and skillful, I don’t feel any discomfort at all! I love it and I highly recommend this place! : )

    • Shirley Wong
      February 19, 2014

      Yes Sandy!! I totally agree! I am bought that package already cause I really like the studio. Now that I learnt of take care of my lashes, they last me a good 6 weeks! :D

  • bentodays
    November 25, 2013

    Pretty! I should go try this out.. my eyelashes are so short!

    • Shirley Wong
      November 25, 2013

      heheh tahnk you dear!! yes, go try! its is painless and after that, you dont feel anything, no extra weight unlike when you stick on false lashes.

  • kw bentodiary
    November 24, 2013

    Aww….pretty eyelashes!!! *wink wink

    • Shirley Wong
      November 25, 2013

      Aww thank you so much dear!!!