Recipe for Olaf the Snowman Sushi Art Roll (Kazarimaki-sushi)

“Hi I’m Olaf and I like warm hugs!”

“I love you Olaf!”
Awww doesn’t Olaf, the super cute snowman from Disney’s Frozen just melts your heart?
Olaf the snowman has a goofy, innocent and extremely loveable personality. I am sure many children and even adults love this character from the movie.
I decided to make a Olaf the Snowman Sushi Art Roll (kazarimaki-sushi)! This is my very own creation~ I simply used my experience in making sushi art rolls (kazarimaki-sushi) and created it. Of course, I had to do some planning the night before, including sketching the designs and deciding on the ingredients to be used.
So so happy I managed to make this!


Olaf the Snowman Sushi Art Roll Recipe

Serving – makes 4 large sushi slices
Level – advanced
1.75 cups cooked sushi rice 
3 x 10cm long sweet gourd strips (kanpyo) – this is for the button on Olaf’s body
1 tsp ground sesame – this is to color Olaf’s mouth
2 x 10cm Japanese fishcake strips (kamaboko) – this is for the teeth
1 small triangular 10cm carrot strip – this is for Olaf’s nose
6 seaweed sheets
6-7 packets of pink deco furikake – this is to color the rice pink
Slice cheese – this is for the base of Olaf’s eyes

I also included some pictures of the making this Olaf the Snowman Sushi Art Roll, which I believe would be interesting and fun! Hope you like this special recipe!

1. Prepare and cut the carrot strip, fishcake strips (kamaboko), gourd strips (kanpyo). They need to be about 10cm in length. 
2. Add ground black sesame to about 25g of sushi rice, mix well to color it dark grey. 

3. Wrap the fishcake strips with seaweed all around and between the two strips, this is for Olaf’s teeth. Wrap the gourd strips (kanpyo) into 3 separate rolls with about 1/3 seaweed sheet each.  
4. On 2/3 seaweed sheet, lay the fishcake strips from step 3 in the center. Add the rice from step 2, forming a mountain like shape. Roll the sushi, this completes Olaf’s mouth. 

5. On 1 seaweed sheet, spread about 30g of rice. Add the carrot strip in the centre, top up with about 10g of rice. Add the mouth from step 4 with the horizontal side downwards. Top up with addition rice to cover the mouth. Roll the sushi to complete Olaf’s head. 

6. Spread rice on 1/2 sheet of seaweed and place one gourd strip from step 3, top up with additional rice if needed, roll the sushi. You need about 15g of sushi rice.
7. Spread rice on 2/3 sheet of seaweed. Place 2 gourd strips from step 3, top up with additional rice if needed, roll the sushi. You will need about 50-60g sushi rice. 
Step 6 and 7 completes the body for Olaf. 

8. Spread 10g on 1/3 sheet of seaweed, roll the sushi. Repeat. This is for Olaf’s feet. 
9. Add pink deco furikake to the remaining sushi rice and mix well to color it light pink. 
10. Join 2 seaweed sheets together using some sushi rice (smash a few sushi rice grains, it will be sticky and can be use to ‘glue’ the sheets together)
11. Spread some pink sushi rice on the centre of the seaweed. About 8cm length, start stacking the parts togeher. From Olaf’s feet (from step 10), to Olaf’s body (from step 6,7) and Olaf’s head (from step 5). You will need to add the pink sushi rice as you go along, to fill in the gaps and maintain the position of the different parts. 
12. Add final layer of pink sushi rice around and roll up the sushi. Make sure the sushi roll is rolled tightly. 

13. Divide the sushi roll into 4 pieces. 
14. Add the eyes (seaweed and slice cheese), eyebrows (seaweed) and hands (seaweed). 

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  • karen aupoint
    July 5, 2014

    really really amazing Shirley !! fantastic !!

  • 婉婉下午茶 Wan Wan
    June 12, 2014


  • Anonymous
    June 12, 2014

    Awesome work!!… still getting my head around this super awesome work of art!! :-D ~HZ~

    • Shirley Wong
      June 14, 2014

      Hi HZ thank you so so much! Happy that you like this recipe!!

  • kw bentodiary
    June 12, 2014

    *Jaw drop* You’re so talented in sushi art roll Shirley! This is super awesome Olaf!!! Love it so much and thanks for the sharing but I don’t think able to roll =_=”

    • Shirley Wong
      June 14, 2014

      Awwwww thank you so much! I am happy that the sushi roll turned out well! :D Olaf is just so cute! heheh try try! I am sure u can do it!