[Media coverage] NHK World’s Bento: The Global Lunchbox Project

Screen Shot 2014-08-30 at 10.19.52 pmLittle Miss Bento featured on NHK World

I am so happy to share that I have been selected as one of the representative bento makers around the world to be featured in NHK World’s upcoming special programme – BENTO: The Global Lunchbox Project. The show will air on 14 Sept 2014, 0:10/6:10/12:10/18:10 (UTC). Also honored that the featured photos are all my creations, see the 3 bento creations in the image above.

*Note Singapore time is 8hrs ahead. The airing timings would then be 8:10 | 14:10 | 20:10 | 2:10 (next day)
*Note Japan time is 9hrs ahead. The airing timings would be 9:10 | 15:10 | 21:10 | 3:10 (next day)

NHK World is available on cable television network, you can even watch NHK World using your smartphones or tablets. Read more here.

Here are some of the behind-the-scene video filming that took place ^ ^ I will share more with you when the show is out on 14 Sept. You have to watch it because the idea behind the show is awesome and you will also get to see bento making in action! ^ ^

DSC01916 DSC01959 IMG_5412

It was a priviledge to be invited by NHK World to be part of this show. The show is in English, so please do catch the show when it airs on 14 Sept 2014!

Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 8.54.59 pmSPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT – Submit your bento creations to NHK World!

Now what is fun is that they have created a special website to feature bento creations from all around the world. You can submit your bento creations (both photos and videos) here. Go ahead and take part, it will be so wonderful to be able to interact with all the bento makers in the world.