Russian Doll Sushi Art Roll Bento

Russian Doll Sushi Art Roll Bento (2)

Russian Doll Kazarimakisushi (Sushi art roll) Bento today!

Making kazarimakisushi (sushi art rolls) is really a thrilling process, especially when I am coming up with my own original designs and sushi recipes. After completion of  the sushi roll, it is really exciting and satisfying when the sushi art roll design turned out successful.

I am definitely glad that my Russian doll sushi art roll was a success!

Russian Doll Sushi Art Roll Bento (4)

The sushi roll was not as huge as I thought it would be (which was good). Here are the ingredients I used for the sushi art roll:

  • “pink scarf”  (approx 100g sushi rice + sakura denbu 2 tsp +pink furikake 1 pkt) *if you do not have sakura denbu or deco furikake, you can consider using salmon flakes. 
  • “face”  (approx 55g sushi rice + teriyaki sauce)
  • “hair” (approx 30g sushi rice + ground black sesame0.75tsp)
  • “white trimmings” (3 x 15g sushi rice)
  • “yellow body” (approx 80g sushi rice + egg soboro/1 large egg)

Here is a photo of the sushi art after being divided into 4 slices.

Russian Doll Sushi Art Roll

Today’s sushi bento side dishes were chicken drumlets, broccoli, sauteed french beans with carrots and baby corn, lettuce and red currants.

The bento was packed in my kimono 2-tier bento box by maker Hakoya. These made in Japan, kimono design bentos are actually made using real kimono cloth, so no two boxes are exactly the same when you purchase them. I got this box at the bento box promotion fair currently happening at Meidiya supermarket here in Singapore. You can also find similar kimono bento boxes from Bento & co .

Russian Doll Sushi Art Roll Bento (5)Russian Doll Sushi Art Roll Bento (3)

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  • shaann
    March 24, 2015

    Hi shirley, this are so cute.. I bough your books Little Miss Bentos.. does all this cute sushi inside recipe inside? :)

    • Little Miss Bento, Shirley Wong
      March 26, 2015

      Hello Shaann :) thanks for supporting my book! My first cookbook is on bento making!! :) sushi will be in the next cookbook!!

  • Merry Antoinette
    January 7, 2015

    Looks adorable and sounds delicious. I can only imagine how much practice and planning must go into this kind of sushi art!!!

  • Angela R
    August 28, 2014

    Wow this is so beautiful!!

  • 婉婉下午茶
    August 28, 2014

    Awww!!amazing sushi art roll !!soooo pretty!! Luv it sooo much!!