Mickey Minnie Bento

Mickey Minnie Bento (2)

Decided to make a disney theme bento today – presenting Mickey and Minnie Bento!

Today’s bento was packed in my white 2-tier monbento box from Bento & co. The side dishes included butter garlic asari clams, sauteed vegetables and tofu, pumpkin and and sweet potato salad. I also added my last two super kawaii Mickey and Minnie sausages I bought in Japan.

Partly in view of an upcoming class that I was going to teach, decided to make this rice based bento. I also included some simple step-but-step photos of making the Mickey and Minnie rice balls. Have fun~~

Mickey Minnie Bento (3)


  1.  Shape the rice balls to form the head and ears
  2. Trim and cut seaweed pieces for the head and ears
  3. Wrap the seaweed pieces around the rice ball for the Mickey and Minnie characters

DSC03502 DSC03506 DSC03508

Mickey Minnie Bento (1)

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