NHK World – Bento the Global Lunchbox Project

Little Miss Bento has gotten some airtime on NHK World :) Here are some snapshots from the show (See SlideShow above)

The television programme, Bento the Global Lunchbox Project was aired on 14 Sept 2014 at UTC 0:10 | 6:10 | 12:10 |18:10. Singapore time would be 8:10 |14:10 | 20:10 | 02:10 (next day).

They went around the world to feature some of the bento makers and I was selected to be Asia’s representative :)

NHK World Bento Global Lunchbox feature

And here is a closer look at the bento that I made during the show, it was like a 15mins bento to make the characters as we were all rushing for time at the shoot! :P *stressed* wish I had more time but I hope you enjoyed the show and like this bento!

It was also really nice chat with my Japanese bento blogger friend, Maki san online for the show.


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  • 婉婉下午茶
    September 14, 2014

    Congratulation!! Luv yrs Bento always!