Teddy Bear Kazarimaki Sushi Bento

Teddy Bear Sushi Bento (1)

A sushi art roll creation today :) Another original design! I hope you like this Teddy Bear Kazarimaki Sushi Bento.

I was planning the bento design and wanted to have some sushi for lunch. It is really fun to come up with my own design – this time it is teddy bear.

I do however find that the sushi could be neater, oh well, I will do better next round, Gambatte ne~ ^ ^

Bear Sushi Recipe (3)

Bear Sushi Recipe (2)

Bear Sushi Recipe (4)The brown color sushi rice is made by adding some teriyaki sauce and bonito flakes (Katsuobushi) to the rice.

Here are the approximate measurements for the bear

  • Head – 100g (brown)
  • Ears – 12g each (brown)
  • Nose – 12g (white)
  • Body – 35g (brown)
  • Feet – 14g each (brown)

I added little red bow ties (made from crabstick) for the teddy bear characters.

The side dishes were really quick. I had some broccoli, lettuce, carrots and buffalo chicken drumlets.

Teddy Bear Sushi Bento (3)

Today’s bento was packed in the bamboo bento box that I bought from Kappabashi in Japan. :)

Teddy Bear Sushi Bento (4)

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  • Jean (Bentodays)
    September 19, 2014

    Too cute! Do let me know if you are running a class on this!

  • 婉婉下午茶
    September 18, 2014