Halloween Bento – Spooky Bento Workshop

Halloween Bento (3)

A Halloween Bento!

Halloween has since become a holiday that many children enjoy and have fun. While I don’t celebrate Halloween, it does provide much great bento making ideas and designs.

I will be teaching this Halloween bento at the Spooky Bento Workshop. The workshop will be conducted at Liang Court on 25 October 2014, from 3 – 4pm. Come join me!

Simply spend a min of $50 at the mall to qualify – pre registration is required. Please go to the Customer service counter at Level 2 of Liang Court with your purchase receipt to sign up. Hope to see you at the workshop session!

Halloween Party at Liang Court

In addition to the hands on experience, I will share with you the basics in shaping rice balls for creating the characters in this bento. All the food ingredients will be provided.

In this Halloween bento, the characters are based on the cute onigiri (rice ball) mascots of Liang Court, one is Frankenstein and the one is the Mummy! I also made a bat flying in the moonlight :)

Halloween Bento (4)


Do also check out the other activities and programmes as part of Liang Court mall’s Halloween celebrations. There are also Halloween theme craft box and Frankenstein blankets to be redeemed (terms and conditions apply). There will also be activities at the mall atrium from 17 to 30 October.

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