Chateraise Pop-Up Store at Isetan Scotts

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Chateraise, patisserie from Yamanashi Prefecture will be coming to Singapore for the first time via a pop-up store from 6 Nov to 13 Nov 2014 at Isetan Scotts along Orchard Road to sell some of their sweets and pastries.

Situated west of Tokyo, and nestled in abudant nature, Chateraise prides itself for using the freshest ingredients from contracted farmers and even using the waters from the Japan South Alps Mountains.


With over 450 direct sales shops all over Japan, Chateraise may be new to Singaporeans but is a common brand name among the Japanese.

They have over 500 items in total, ranging from cakes to tarts, bread, cookies and even wagashi (traditional Japanese confectionery).


I was lucky to have met Nakajima-san from Chateraise who brought them 7 types of sweets (amongst the 30 items) they will be selling at the Singpaore pop up store for a tasting session.

If you are in Orchard, do check out their pop up store. The first 30 customers each day would also recieve a small gift from them for your purchase(s)!


For the sweets, I highly recommend the daifuku. It was so amazing, one of the best I have eaten.

The skin was so soft and thin. And there was generous amounts of red bean and whipped cream inside the daifuku. All the ingredients complemented each other, and resulted in a melt-in-the-mouth texture. I would go for seconds for this one. The green colored daifuku is of matcha flavour.


The dorayaki was also pretty good. I enjoyed how the dorayaki cake layers were not too dry, again the insides that included red bean anko and whipped cream was a wonderful combination.

Since it is autumn season now in Japan, one ingredient is definitely waguri (Japanese chestnut) as seen and used in this Mont Blanc item.


The dark chocolate cake was rich and will satisfy chocolate lovers.


Some of the other items will include their cream/custard puffs, cheesecake, and strawberry shortcake.

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Patisserie from Japan

POP UP STORE (Singapore)

Dates: 6 Nov 2014 to 13 Nov 2014

Location: Isetan Scotts B1 level, 350 Orchard Road Shaw House Singapore 238868

Chateraise Website (Japanese)


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