Cinnamoroll Strawberry Curry Bento

Cinnamoroll Bento (2)Made a berrilicious Cinnamoroll Strawberry Curry Bento!

Have you heard of strawberry curry? I first read about it online about one year ago.

While I was in Japan earlier this month, I found strawberry curry and also many other interesting curries including fugu (blowfish) curry, apple curry and pumpkin curry! So I bought one pack each back to try.

Decided to pack the strawberry curry for my bento today.

Cinnamoroll Bento (3)

So I decided to make a strawberry theme bento. Sanrio characters, Cinnamoroll and Mocha with little cute strawberries details in this bento.

Cinnamoroll/Cinnamon ( シナモン ) is an adorable white puppy with long ears that enables him to fly. Mocha ( モカ ) is a female puppy known for her chocolately brown colour and flowers on her head. She has a crush on Cinnamoroll.

I love how Cinnamoroll is also holding a tiny strawberry.

Cinnamoroll and Mocha were made mainly of mashed potatoes. The little details like flowers and features were furikake, ham and seaweed.

The strawberries and strawberries vine/leaves were made from crabstick (red layer), sweet peas, green udon noodles, and black sesame seeds.

Cinnamoroll Bento (4)Did you notice the cute donut bento box? This is a limited edition bento box by Mister Donut Japan. I got this via an auction on yahoo japan. Isn’t it cute :)

I love the glaze and sprinkles~ the box is also quite a nice size. It is actually 2-tier and comes with a bag and portable chopsticks.

I am looking forward to trying the taste of the strawberry curry :)

Have a berrilicious Friday~

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