Thai Village Restaurant

Review Thai Village RestaurantAmong the many Chinese restaurants I have dined at, Thai Village Restaurant really impressed me with their high quality authentic Thai Teochew Chinese food.

Established sine 1991, expect delectable specialities including their braised shark’s fin, abalone fin, baked crab with vermicelli, etc.

My dining experience was at the outlet located at Singapore Indoor Stadium, conveniently located withing walking distance of Stadium MRT station (Circle Line).

DSC09909 DSC09927Every dish was so good that night, starting with the Braised Superior Shark’s Fin with Crab Meat!

Generous amounts of shark’s fin in the perfectly braised soup that was not too salty, I also did not dedect any MSG, all natural flavours that brought out the taste of the shark’s fin, crabmeat. Enjoy this dish with beansprouts and chinese parsley if you like.  Never felt so pampered eating the whole claypot myself.


Next up was the Deluxe Cold Dish. Usually I don’t have much expectations of cold dish as those served at weddings are just so-so, but this cold dish was seriously amazing. We were joking that every meal should start with a dish like this!

A cold dish platter of drunken chicken, prawns, baby octopus, deep fried potato with salted egg, spring rolls (those ginseng looking like sticks :P) on bed of cucumber vegetables. Yummy! Perfect for big groups and family size gathering.


We also had Pan-fried Japanese Wagyu Beef served with mushrooms.

I couldn’t try the meat as I cannot take beef, but I ate the mushrooms. They were so good! The firmness of the abalone mushroom was in perfect harmony with the delicious flavours of the gravy sauce. I can just eat this with rice for a meal and would be satisfied!


My other favourite item that night was the Cheese Baked Lobster!

Just check out that soft sweet lobster meat! A generous portion lobster topped with cheese and baked to perfection, the meat of the lobster was still moist and so sweet! Be prepared to use your hands to finish up every bit of the meat :)

DSC09989 DSC00001

Being fans of seafood, the Baked Crab Vermicelli was another hit with the group. The vermicelli had not just the sweetness and flavour of the crab but also the ‘wok hei’ (fragrance of the wok). Really good and definitely worth the calories.

I later found out from a friend of mine who regular patronise the restaurant that this item is one of her favourites too.

DSC09969 Fish lovers will enjoy this next fish, the Baked Cod Fish. Cooked to perfection, and topped with braised sauce, this yummy fish dish will please many. But those who prefer their fish cooked in a lighter style might find the sauce a little too strong. I am quite sure the restaurant would serve good steamed fish, so you can check out their other menu options too.

DSC00021To have a more balanced meal :P we also had some greens – the Chinese Spinach with Superior Broth.

Served in slighty thick broth, this Chinese spinach dish was quite different from the one served in Cantonese restaurants.

DSC00028The meal is not completed without trying Thai Village other specialty, the Abalone Rice.

Served in claypot, the abalone rice comes with generous serving of Mexican abalone slices, mushrooms and crabmeat. Topped with the same braised sauce as the shark’s fin, get ready to enjoy this luxurious abalone rice dish.

DSC00043My favourite part of the meal is always the dessert and their Yam Paste certainly did not fail us. One of the best Orh Nee (Yam Paste) that I have ever eaten. Served with gingko nuts and pumpkin, this authentic Yam Paste is a must-order.

The coconut milk is served separately (nice!), so its up to the diner to decide the amount of coconut milk to add, or not to add at all.

One of us in the blogger group even ate 3 bowls of it! :P Guess who? (not me :P)

DSC00048This must be one of the best media tasting ever, one of the most high quality meals, service and great company. Thank you Thai Village Resturant for hosting us.

I am so looking forward to bringing my family there soon.


Blog post disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. The meal was compliments of Thai Village Restaurant.

Thai Village Restaurant



Singapore Indoor Stadium branch

Address: 2 Stadium Walk #01-02/03 Singapore Indoor Stadium Singapore 397691

Tel: 64402292

Goodwood Park Hotel branch

Address: 22 Scotts Road Singapore 228221

Tel: 64408251

Jurong branch

Address: 19 Yung Ho Road Singapore 618592

Tel: 62683885

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