Rilakkuma Fruits Bento

Rilakkuma Fruits Bento (1)I made Rilakkuma Fruits Bento today!

In this fruits theme lunchbox, I made Rilakkuma and Kiiroitori bento characters.

Korilakkuma bear appears in the bento via bento pick :P haha.Rilakkuma Fruits Bento (4)

I was inspired partly because of me baking some strawberry shortcake last night, and wanted a fruit related theme. Sigh, forgot to take a good photo of the cake, so I will probably have to re-bake the cake again. haha.

Can you tell what fruits are these?

Rilakkuma Fruits Bento (2)

Rilakkuma is holding on a big slice of watermelon and Kiiroitori is wearing a strawberry costume!

The watermelon, strawberry and cherry fruits were made of mashed potato.

Rilakkuma is made of round cocktail sausages and Kiiroitori is made from hard boiled quail egg.

The features of Rilakkuma and Kiiroitori were made from slice cheese, seaweed and some orange egg sheet.Rilakkuma Fruits Bento (5)

The side dishes for today’s Rilakkuma Fruits Bento were sauteed french beans and carrots, grilled portobello mushrooms, cherry tomatoes and some tamagoyaki from Zairyo SG.

I made cute bear and strawberry prints on the egg using my yaki-in (branding iron from Japan).

I love how these sweet japanese egg omelette tamagoyaki is perfect in colour and sweetness. So convenient too as these are ready made ones from Zairyo SG. I used some for workshop class and decided to pack the leftovers in today’s bento.

Perfect for mornings like these to save time too!tamagoyaki zairyo

Rilakkuma Fruits Bento (3)

Today’s Rilakkume Fruits bento was packed in my white 2-tiered monbento box from Bento&Co.

Great adult size microwavable bento box. I like its modern & clean design for bento. Plus I have a special liking for white boxes as many of you would know by now :) haha.

Blog post disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. The tamagoyaki egg is compliments from Zairyo SG. The white monbento box was my own purchase. All views expressed are my own. 

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  • Mi
    March 21, 2015

    Luv this! May I know where to get the branding iron?

  • 婉婉下午茶
    February 5, 2015

    You are really creative!!super cute!!

  • Jean (Bentodays)
    February 4, 2015

    Love this bento! Super creative!

  • AngelaR
    February 3, 2015

    Very cute!