My Little Pony Bento

My Little Pony Bento (3)My first ever My Little Pony Bento!

So happy that I finally got around to make a My Little Pony Bento.

My Little Pony was one of my favourite childhood cartoons while growing up. I really loved the ponies and unicorns~ My Little Pony has sinced evolved quite a lot in recent years. So the cartoons and merchandise you see these days are very different from how they looked or at least how I remember them to be.


My Little Pony in the 1980s (source:


My Little Pony in current day (source:

I wanted the  mane to be colourful, so I did a bit of research online and found two possible My Little Pony characters including Princess Celestia alicorn pony and Rainbow Dash.

I decided to go with Princess Celestial as my inspiration as I didn’t want to have to colour my rice blue :P Canterlot_Castle_Princess_Celestia_2

Quite happy with how the mane and tail turned out. Do you like them too?

To create the bento character, I used Japanese noodles – ume plum (pink), egg (yellow) and matcha (green) noodles to create the mane and tail.

My Little Pony Bento (1)

The head, body and legs were shaped from Japanese rice.

But I forgot to add the unicorn! :(((( oh well~~ haha

The side dishes for today’s My Little Pony bento included grilled mini minced meat patties, broccoli, carrots and strawberry.

My Little Pony Bento (2)

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