Swimming Bear Foodart

Swimming Bear Foodart Bento (1)Swimming Bear foodart.

Today’s foodart was a challenge for me, not so much because of the design but rather the ingredients.

As part of this month’s #creativesghomecooks initiative, the theme is vegetarian. So I had to plan my foodart design such that no meat including fish will be used.

In addition, to make my lunch more healthy I also used brown rice to shape the teddy bears, which also made it a little harder as brown rice just doesn’t compact as well as white rice.

But the plus point was that the brown rice was not only healthier but really yummy.

Really love the nutty taste of the rice grains. Swimming Bear Foodart Bento (2)

I love how each cooked brown rice grain as round, fat and fluffy.

Thanks to the super fresh Japanese imported rice from Thinkrice.sg.

Being a rice fanatic, it is extremely satisfying to cook and eat a bowl of good Japonica rice.

I actually made the bears ‘swim’ in floats, haha but I don’t think it is that visible.

The bears were shaped from Thinkrice sg brown rice and seaweed.

I arranged the bears on a bed of sauteed mixed vegetables and scrambled eggs. Swimming Bear Foodart Bento (3)

Today’s swimming bear foodart was partly inspired by the hot weather and the lovely CocoWater,  100% natural, premium coconut water in a Tetra Pak.

Recent warm weather really made me crave for a chilled glass of fresh coconut water.

CocoWater has got no added sugar, additives or preservatives and has one of the lowest sugar content among packaged coconut water brands.

Coconut water is full of naturally-occurring hydrating electrolytes, which also means that its great for my yoga workout sessions too.

Hope you are having a good week start!

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