Yuzu Deco Sushi and MARIGOLD PEEL FRESH Select Yuzu

Yuzu Deco Sushi and Peel Fresh Yuzu (1)Inspired by the flavours of summer and MARIGOLD PEEL FRESH Select Yuzu Drink, I made this cute Yuzu Deco Sushi.

Following one of the recipe in my new cookbook, Kawaii Deco Sushi. I had a Lemon Deco Sushi Recipe, which pretty much can be used to depict citrus fruits.

I thought it would be really cute to pair this Yuzu Deco Sushi Bento together with the Yuzu drink!

I even plated a sashimi version in a parfait cup with the Yuzu Deco Sushi too.

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MARIGOLD PEEL FRESH Select Yuzu Drink is one of my favourite choices and perfect for this summer heat!

Since the launch in Nov 2011, MARIGOLD PEEL FRESH Select Yuzu has wowed with the refreshing, premium taste of Japanese Yuzu and has gained a huge following.

I believe that their secret for the winning taste is the pure, premium yuzu juice from Kochi Prefecture, Japan in Select Yuzu juice.Farmers harvesting yuzu 2

Yuzu has been produced in Kochi Prefecture for more than 1300 years and the Number 1 producer of yuzu in Japan as the Prefecture accounts for 50% of yuzu production!

Kochi is blessed with abundant rain and sunlight, clean water from the local rivers and dense green mountains. Kochi’s climate is dynamic; warm in the day and chilly at night. Such climate and soil are suited for yuzu cultivation and improve the fragrance of yuzus.


Kochi Loves Yuzu

Unique Taste Lovingly Picked

Blissful Indulgence

Loving this new campaign feature, very Japanese quality-centric; it tells of the farmers’ dedication in farming the best yuzus, from the unique Kochi soil, climate and manual harvesting.

Farmers harvesting ripe yuzus manually

Farmers harvesting ripe yuzus manually

MARIGOLD PEEL FRESH Select Yuzu now comes in 1.89 litre size (new) in addition to the 1 litre and 250ml sizes. 3 different sizes to suit different consumer needs.

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Considered a fairly rare and expensive fruit, its nice to be able to enjoy a glass of refreshing and a blissful indulgence any time of the day. One glass of MARIGOLD PEEL FRESH Select Yuzu (250ml) provides 100% of the daily requirement of Vitamin C.

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For this Yuzu theme bento, the side dishes included meat patties, broccoli, cherry tomatoes and lettuce.

Do grab a copy of my Kawaii Deco Sushi which will have an illustrated recipe to make this sushi!

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MARIGOLD PEEL FRESH is Singapore’s Number 1 brand for pasteurized juices (Source: Nielsen retail audit) and is available islandwide in hypermarkets, supermarkets, convenience stores, minimarts and provision stores.

There are a total of 14 delicious flavours – 6 flavours in the Regular range (Apple Aloe Vera, Orange, Carrot, Lime, Mango and Pink Guava), 7 flavours in the No Sugar Added range (Powerberries, Powerveggies & Fruits, Apple, Orange, Cloudy Apple, Wheatgrass & Veggie and Cranberry) and the Yuzu in the Select range.

MARIGOLD PEEL FRESH Facebook Page (here).

Blog post disclaimer: This is a sponsored post by MARIGOLD.