Boo Ghost Sushi Bento

Boo Ghost Sushi Deco Roll (5)Boo Ghost Sushi Bento~~~ perfect for Halloween!

I don’t believe I have made Boo Ghost in the form of deco sushi rolls before. Its so easy, can’t believe I haven’t made it until now.

Finally used the super cute tingkat 3 tier bento box from Chairish the Moments. The tingkat bento boxes come in so many colour combinations – its so hard to pick. Love all the pastel tones.

Each tingkat also come with a lovely totebag. (I am an idiot for forgetting to shoot the bento box when they are stacked together, will do that soon and update this post). Boo Ghost Sushi Deco Roll (3)

Back to my Boo Ghost Sushi!

So easy~ there is no need to colour the rice. Just roll the sushi rice into the Boo Ghost shape, I also made two ‘hands’ that I stacked in as I rolled the deco sushi roll.

The details like the eyes and cheeks made from seaweed and pink sakura denbu were then added on later.

If you have read or done any of my sushi roll recipes in my Kawaii Deco Sushi cookbook, this sushi will be so easy for you :)

The side dishes are simple, just a stir fry vegetables at the side with lotus roots, carrots, mushrooms, sweet peas, holland peas.  Boo Ghost Sushi Deco Roll (4)

The best part of the tingkat is that I could also pack my breakfast together.

Did you spot those super cute homemade pumpkin shape bread?

I will write more about that and the pumplin bread recipe this week.

Have a not so blue Monday and a great week ahead!

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  • kwbentodiary
    October 26, 2015

    aww….. I always love you deco sushi ^_^ Perfect!