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IMG_1465A little late but a post that I knew I had to share.

I attended 2 wonderful baking classes taught by Chef Mayumi at The Providore Cooking Studio.IMG_1464

I was so thrilled as Mayumi sensei is a wonderful teacher and I am so glad that she is now teaching at The Providore Cooking Studio.

She has culinary experiences from two prestigious schools including Le Cordon Bleu (France) and Ecole Criollo (Tokyo). I have attended her class before elsewhere and knew that she comes with great experience and is able to guide the students in the recipes.

IMG_1461The Providore, well known as a gourmet food grocer in Singapore launched their Cooking Studio at PasarBella in June earlier this year and have several residential instructors covering baking and cooking classes.

I was really happy to have attended two classes that covered Cookie Cream Puff, Lychee Jelly, Mango Passion Mousse Cake and Caneles.

Providore cooking classes Mayumi 2

Providore cooking classes MayumiAnd because of the class, I felt so much more confident of my skills in choux pastry, something that I really enjoy eating and definitely baking too.

I can say this for certain as I have replicated the recipe, even made variations of the choux pastry with great success. IMG_1456

The recipe for caneles were also one of my favourite take away from the classes as this is one sweet dessert that I personally enjoy eating very much. IMG_1448IMG_1449

The Cooking Studio at Pasar Bella is spacious and nicely equipped. With sufficient cooking stations and ovens for everyone to be hands on in replicating the recipes taught by Mayumi.

The studio also stocks and retails a wide variety of bakeware and cookware, as well as some baking ingredients.

Be careful of your wallet – its very tempting to buy all the baking stuff home. HAHA.

The class was well managed, with each steps clearly demostrated before we did our own.

I truly enjoyed myself in the baking studio here and frankly picked up lots of important baking tips and techniques from Mayumi.

Here are some of the behind the scenes action ;)


The recipe portion was also generous, each of us got to bring back a few pieces of each of the pastry items.

All the classes also ended well on time, with additional 30mins or so for us to taste the portion that the teacher have made and baked. There were even tea pairing with the sweets.

During this part is also when we check through our recipe notes too. IMG_1454IMG_1453And I am proud to show you my creation.

Perfectly baked cookie cream puff and lychee jelly!

IMG_1455And a refreshing mango passion mousse cakes and caneles.

All of them look so good (and tasted so good too!)IMG_1463


The Providore Cooking Studio @ Pasarbella


Facebook Page (they post up classes updates here too) 

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