Workshops & Engagements

A pioneer in foodart creation, bento workshop teaching and demonstration since 2012, I am also the first certified Singaporean instructor with the Japan Sushi Instructor Association and have three  cookbooks – Kawaii BentoKawaii Deco Sushi and Kawaii Sweet Treats. The fourth book is in the pipeline!

My projects have brought me to Singapore, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, China and Los Angeles.

For sponsorships, engagement and ratecard requests, please contact me at and you can copy my representing agents – Racheal at and Pris at
**For more information about my cookbooks, please visit

My services

  • Content creation for social media and marketing, this could include recipes/products/creatives
  • Videologue
  • Food design and menu consultancy
  • Product review or advertising on social media platforms
  • Brand or Product endorsement/ambassador
  • Promotion and branding on social media platforms
  • Travel and promotional activities
  • Food event judging
  • Demo sessions for lunchtime talks, other events and functions
  • Corporate hands on workshops, in partnership with Cookyn Inc
  • Small private classes (available May 2017 onwards)
  • Overseas workshops (airfare, hotel stay, transfer, class fees, ingredients to be bore by host)

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